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About our Founder

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Jenalea Winter

President and Founder

After completing dental assistant training with the US Air Force in 2008, I transitioned into civilian dental assisting roles, eventually shifting into administrative positions by 2014. In 2016, I departed from private practice to pursue a role as a software trainer at Patterson Dental, leveraging my expertise in both dental assistance and administrative tasks. However, in 2018, I returned to private practice, this time as a financial coordinator. In 2020, I relocated and rejoined Patterson Dental, resuming my role as a software trainer. However, by 2023, I decided to pivot once again, this time focusing on my consulting company, drawing upon my extensive experience in both the dental field and software training


Our Mission is to provide the most effective and mutually beneficial business relationship to keep you running smoothly.


Our vision is to provide your growing dental business with support in all facets of your daily business operations. Together, we can make your business run smoothly and efficiently.

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